Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where the fuck do I start with this Twat?

If you see this fuckwit, and ever want to be stoked again, LEAVE THE AREA AT ONCE!

This jerk is known to gradually drain the energy from any room he enters and anybody who he has a conversation with.
In scientific terms, he would be categorized as some type of bipedal black hole, but in common parlance is just known as a real fucking bummer.

Photographic evidence of the havoc this cunt leaves in his wake:




Hear the horrific carnage as Horsley disembowels his most tragic victim, the once bright and hopeful Ezra Sandzer Bell.
Warty Theorems #19:

This pales in comparison to the sheer inhumanity that is the case of young Steve Willner. Viewer discretion is deeply advised.



Ha, just joking on that one, Steve is allright, he seems to have survived the ordeal relatively intact.
But listen to the sickening process as Steve meticulously removes the various hooks, spikes, tentacles, suction cups, strap-on dildo's and other of the various appendages that Jason Kephas had so lovingly extended into all of Steve's now gaping orifices.

Warty Theorems #22:


Perhaps you are like me, you heard Aeolus Kephas on red ice, then checked out some of the old STORMY WEATHER podcasts and were digging on it, I was.

He used to have various Pimps and G's on his show like the brilliant PETER LEVENDA:

And the true GANGSTA that is NEIL KRAMER:


The STORMY WEATHER podcast culminated with the Castaneda infused overview of reality in a very compelling perspective.
That was about all I tuned in for from old Horsley, until the other day my friend was telling me all about the new series of podcasts from Kephas called WARTY THEOREMS.

Somewhere in the intervening time, Jason had become a fucking Psychopath. I noticed he kept going on about some new philosophy, to basically disown absolutely EVERYTHING and reduce it all to what you KNOW. Which by Horsley's definition is nothing beyond the sensations existing within your own body, namely an "Itchy Butthole".
"GO DEEP INTO THE ITCHY BUTTHOLE" droned Kephas, in the tone of a cheap, washed up hypnotist.
Most people would say a shower usually sorts it and move on, but whatever.

('Itchy Butthole' can be found on Warty Theorems #15

I mean, this would all really be fine if
(a) Kephas actually honestly developed this on his own, and
(b) Just put it out there for consideration and utilized it himself.

But, no. A-hole-us basicly recruited every bright, energetic young conspiracy/reality/synchronicity researcher he could get his hands on, somehow wrangled them in to his S.W.E.D.A. group and proceeded to suck the life out of these poor cunts.


Jason Kephas at some point got totally sucked into this bullshit fucking cult leader called John De Ruiter, I mean, Just look at this fucking twat.

Yeah, I know, THAT is fucking SCARY!

I'll just cut to the bottom line. Kephas started a new podcast series called "Vagabond Blues", as I discovered this, and was already thinking this dude was in some John De Ruiter cult member status, the two most recent episodes of "Vagabond Blues" are recorded from various John De Ruiter events Kephas and his Mrs. were attending.

The podcasts on John De Ruiter and how absolutely fucking far gone this dickhead (Kephas) is are episodes 15 and 16 of Vagabond Blues.

Kephas says shit like John De Ruiter is the only source of truth, that he is not only a truly enlightened being, but the only one.
He said John looked beautiful to him, his hair was like golden rays of light.
He said he felt like he had been recruited by John's energy/message, like he was just a vessel for John's truth, and that he was disseminating it to us, the poor misguided conspiracy folks.


A-HOLE-US KEPHAS, YOU STUPID FUCKING TWAT! You are deadlocked in the beam of a psychopath cult leader, you are a classic, brainwashed, zombie cult member.

YOU HAVE GIVEN YOURSELF OVER TO A FRAUD, you are feeding yourself directly to vampiristic entities.
You are totally fucked, man. You have given all you are to this fuckin' jerk off John De Ruiter. Fine. Then you just take his line of bullshit and turn around and wield it over these young, energetic, hopeful but naive young researchers/thinkers like Ezra Sandzer-Bell and Steve Willner.

You play the role as the arbiter of truth, you lay down the bottom line of what defines truth, what defines value and what actions are acceptable under your end all definitive philosophy.
The moment Steve Willner goes back to doing his own thing, which, by the way is totally brilliant, natural and a product of the new paradigm of consciousness.
A quantum leap in symbolic literacy/pattern recognition coupled with a deeply functioning intuitive faculty.
It is totally natural and spontaneous for Steve and many others, it is absolutely obliterating old paradigms and deeply rooted in the rapidly unfolding 4th dimension (insert whatever terminology you like).

Anyway, the moment Steve picks back up with what is pure, real and truly HIM, you are deeply threatened. You are not real, you are not genuine, you are a vampire, a manipulative parasite.
If you were legit, you would be empowered and uplifted by Steve doing HIS thing and by Steve having a lot of opportunities open up before him.

But no, Warty Theorems #22 is hideous, you are absolutely unable to let go of Steve, you are hell bent on purveying your superiority onto him. You know so much better than him, you are playing out the Guru/Cult leader role in a microcosm. You want to absolutely own Steve Willner's process, you want to micro manage his spiritual development.

You are sick, you are fucked.
You bought the lie, man, the old fucking classic. The same bullshit scam that has dominated the minds of billions for god knows how long.

You signed the contract, you agreed to put a middleman between you and IT (whatever it is, God, Infinity, Zero Piont, the source, whatever...)
and you are no different than all the rest of them.

Don't get ahead of yourself, I am convinced you have obviously had significant spiritual development and awakening, but here is a fucking news flash... YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE, DICKHEAD!

If you would pull your head out of your ass for a second, you would see that we are all reaching these levels, or rather, you don't even have to try these days, enlightenment is rushing through all of us in a serious way.

To loosely paraphrase Terence Mckenna, you got it wrong, you think you are the one, and that is inflation, and we all know that inflation decreases value.